If you would like to contact Del Parker, please use the following details:

Del Parker

P.O. Box 310
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Phone: 1-214-352-1475
Email: info@irishcoins.com

American Numismatic Society International Bank Note Society British Numismatic Society Russian Numismatic SocietyNAA Canal Zone Study Group Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand

International Numismatic Societies
  • Irish Numismatic Society - Life Member
  • Irish Numismatic Round Table - Founder
  • American Numismatic Society - Advertiser - Sponsor and Fellow
  • Ancient Society of Sydney
  • British Numismatic Society - speaker - Coinex Participant
  • Coins Magazine [UK] - advertiser
  • Dublin Coin Fair - February and October Stand Holder
  • International Bank Note Society - October London Fair Stand Holder
  • Numismatic Association of Australia - Board of Directors and Journal Sponsor
  • Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand
  • Russian Numismatic Society

U.S. Based Numismatic Societies
  • Early American Coppers - Founding Member
  • Colonial Coin Collectors Club - Member
  • Chicago International Coin Fair - Table Holder over 20 years
  • NYCInc Coin Show - Table Holder over 20 years
  • Baltimore Coin Show - Table Holder 3 times a year
  • The Celator - Advertiser
  • Long Beach Coin Show - Occasional Table Holder
  • Speaker on Irish Coin Design at various Numismatic Forums
  • British Numismatic Society and Sydney Numismatic Symposium and U.S. Coin Fairs
  • World Coin News - Advertiser
  • American Philatelic Society - Lifetime Member
  • Canal Zone Study Group - Member and Occasional Sponsor and Advertiser

Lifetime Memberships in various State & Regional Numismatic Societies

  • Blue Ridge Numismatic Society
  • Central States Numismatic Society
  • Florida United Numismatists
  • Michigan State Numismatic Society
  • Texas Numismatic Society