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Irish Banknotes Irish Government Paper Money from 1928

ID Number: 5799
Category: Numismatic Literature
Catalogue Number: Irish Banknotes Irish Government Paper Money from 1928
Grade: New and shrunkwrapped
Date: pub. 1999; hard
Denomination: 7" x 9", 416 pp.
Ruler: by Martan MacDevitt
Price: $200.
Additional Details
Irish Banknotes Irish Government Paper Money from 1928, by Martan MacDevitt,  416 pages, color photos throughout, hard, 7" x 10", pub. 1999,  by author and Whytes of Dublin.

This book covers all of the banknotes issued in the Republic of Ireland and the former Irish Free State from 1928 to 1998, and introduces the Euro.  It gives an in depth analysis of many aspects of Irish Banknotes.

Every date of issue is listed along with the highest and lowest observed serial numbers for each.  There are many rare dates, including some amongst the last series of banknotes, and each of these is marked individually with its degree of rarity.  A section on banknote printing errors illustrates many of the known examples.

Valuations are listed in Euro for every type oand variety of banknote.

Colour plates illustrate each banknote and there are over three hundred black and white illustrations throughout the book, including every rarity known.  Security features of the banknotes are illustrated in detail.  Each of the Emergency Tracer Overprint Code notes is illustrated.

Now out of print.  Have one copy.  $200.  postpaid.
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