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J[ohn] Lee Pub Token of Cork

ID Number: 5596
Category: Irish & World Tokens
Catalogue Number: Rice 230; Todd p. 26; Batty 3486A
Grade: Good Very Fine
Weight: 6.13 g.; 25 mm. octagonal
Date: 1874 - 1877
Denomination: copper 2 pence
Pedigree: ex Stacks 8/2019, L.23095 p.
Price: $500.
Additional Details
An Irish Pub token for Skittle Alley, 3 & 4 South Main St., Cork, for the J[ohn] Lee Pub.  Copper two pence, 6.13 g., 25 mm. octagonal.

From, Irish Tavern Tokens, pub. 2007, by Gerald Rice...

"John Lee first acquired 5 South Main St., in 1874, from J.R. Murphy, who was gone by 1884.  It is likely that in the years, 1874 - 1881, Lee was a sub tenant to Thom Lyons & Co., who were first registered tenants in 1874, the year Lee was a registered tenant in No. 5.  The appearance in Batty dates this token to before 1877.  The time span of this token seems to define the minimum time span of the Parkes IV tokens to the years 1874 - 1877."

Very Rare.  Father Rice did not have one available to photograph.

Good Very Fine or so.  $500.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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