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AAron Malone's 2d Dolphin

ID Number: 5587
Category: Irish & World Tokens
Catalogue Number: Davis 23; Aquila Smith 25
Grade: Extremely Fine
Weight: 8.73 g.
Date: 1735
Mint: Belfast
Denomination: 2 pence
Pedigree: ex Quintin Brisley collection
Price: $8K.
Additional Details
Aaron Kean Malone 2 pence in copper.  Issued in 1735 in Co. Antrim, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  8.73 g., 24.5 mm.  Davis 23; Aquila Smith 25. 

W.J. Davis, "The Nineteenth Century Token Coinage to which are added Tokens of over One Penny Value of any Period," pub. 1904, p.232...

...a dolphin embowed.  Under, 2 . P   Legend, WITH . COVNC  ILE . AND . COVRAGE.  Rx. Legend and date, in 8 lines...I / PROMISE / TO . PAY . THE / BEARER . TWO / PENCE [stylized arrow left] / AARON . KEAN / MALLONE [Sic] / . 1735 .  A crude lined edge w faint crude reeding, possibly struck over another flan of some kind.

Missing from every collection known to me.  Underscoring the rarity, William Davis, in 1904, had no access to a copy, and simply relied on Aquila Smith, "Irish Tokens and Jetons," pub. 1869,  No. 25, Plate N, no. 26, for his description.

Extremely Fine.  Even tan brown surfaces, fully struck, w trace of wear on the high point of the dolphin.  Some quite faint traces of luster on the reverse in the interstices of some letters.  $8K.

ex Quintin Brisley collection, via CNG Esale No. 445, 5 June 2019, L.800.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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