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Large Iron Age Gold Celtic Ring Money

ID Number: 5585
Category: Irish Hammered Coins
Catalogue Number: Spink Ireland cat, p. 117
Grade: as found
Weight: 37.87 grams
Date: Iron Age prior to the 1st Cent BC
Pedigree: ex Patrick Finn Spink London
Price: $6K.
Additional Details
A large Celtic Gold Ring, hexagonal shaped, 5 mm in diameter.  Iron Age prior to First Century BC.  Gross weight  37.87 grams, well over an ounce.  Non destructive test 77% gold, 15% silver, 5% copper, exactly what would be expected for Celtic Ring money from the Iron Age.

As found in Brittany, in northern France, on the southern reach of the Irish Sea, c.1988, and sold to the late Patrick Finn, then working for Spink London, who sold to his best Irish siege money collector, from whose collection I bought several major pieces, hence this was offered to me, subsequently.

The Spink 2015 reference on the "Coins of Scotland Ireland and the Islands," lists gold Celtic ring money, on page 117.  This piece is one of the larger pieces, that is collectible.  The unstated problem w these pieces is always pedigree.  $6K.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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