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Earliest Hand Written Princess Kaiulani Letter

ID Number: 5337
Category: Princess Kaiulani Collection
Catalogue Number: Earliest Hand Written Princess Kaiulani Letter
Ruler: Waikiki May 13, 1885
Price: Included in the Princess Kaiulani Collection
Additional Details
The hand written Princess Kaiulani Letter, Waikiki, May 13, 1885.  The earliest hand written letter written by the hand of Princess Kaiulani, to her new mistress's mother.  Fearing her new mistress, Miss Gertrude Gardinier, would leave her, after the deaths of her mother, and her former mistress, the young Princess writes a letter to her the mother of Miss Gardinier:

Waikiki May 13th [1885]

Dear Mrs. Gardinier,

I thought I would write you a letter.  Miss Gardinier and I went to Honolulu this morning.  It has been raining to-day; but is clearing up now.  I had a nice sea bath to-day.  Miss Gardinier would not venture in this morning.  I am going to study very hard and try to learn my lessons well, and then I hope to come to the States some day and visit you.  I will send you my picture when I have some taken.  Miss Gardinier and I are going to ride horse back some day when she learns to.  I have a pretty little pony of my own and I am not afraid to ride it.  My pony is only four years old and I am only nine years old.

Good bye from

Kaiulani Cleghorn.

Not only does the letter demonstrate Kaiulani's early diplomatic skills, but the letter captures the spirit of Kaiulani, being "...not afraid to ride it".  Tragically, she would go out riding again at age 23, during a heavy rain storm, while on the Parker Ranch during a wedding party, having been warned against it.  She fell ill, and died a month later, ending the royal blood line of the Hawaiian monarchy.
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Princess Kaiulani Collection
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Princess Kaiulani Collection
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