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Blake & Callaway/Paper Money of Ireland

ID Number: 177
Category: Numismatic Literature
Catalogue Number: Paper Money of Ireland
Date: 2009
Price: about $100. now out of print due to be updated
Additional Details
Paper Money of Ireland - The definitive guide to Irish banknotes from the origins of banking in Ireland to the present day.  Bob Blake and Jonathan Callaway

With over 10 years research by the authors to complete, this book is by far the most comprehensive book on Irish banknotes covering all of Ireland and detailing every note issued by every bank since the 17thy century.  The book contains a vast amount of historical background information as well as exhaustive details of the notes themselves.

An easy to follow cataloging system enables the amateur or specialist to seek information on any specific Bank or banknote.

The book contains over 500 pages with over 750 full color illustrations.  Soft bound.  Realistic valuations throughout. 

The book also covers related areas such as the early Tradesman issues, Prisoner of War issues, Republican bonds and other items broadly falling under the definition of paper numismatics.

Bob Blake died in January 2009 and did not live to see the project's final completion.  He is missed by many.

ISBN 978-0-9543457-2-3
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Princess Kaiulani Collection
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